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City Awakening continues to go into the community every Saturday morning ministering in the power of God. There are many in our community traumatized, overwhelmed, depressed, confused, and just lost. We intend to bring the Presence and Power of God into neighborhoods to minister the love of Jesus and command the enemy to go from those who are tormented. And we also team up with other evangelism ministries to make an impact together.


If you are interested in being a part of these efforts, please fill out the following application:

Healing Evangelism Team

Team members will visit residential areas in groups of at least two people, at a time convenient for
them, to offer healing prayer to all who desire it. Many times, these prayers will lead to salvations. It is
always refreshing to see how God goes before us, preparing hearts in the area to receive His unconditional love through prayers that we bring to them. Ministry application is required. Training is provided.

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